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Cockney Duivenvoorden, Gijs Ballering, Vincent van Tongeren, Ravian de Ruig, Guus Burger


Let go of everything you know

In Cockney’s World of Elastic Snakes people are free and dance starry eyed because they left it all behind. By inviting you into their bubble of love the band clears your mind. Cockney’s World of Elastic Snakes sets you free by pulling you into their honest enthusiasm for what music is. They have a relentless urge to engage and have their audience experience the world their way.

Their music is a physical expression of freedom. It’s uplifitng, engaging and inviting. Combining energetic indie pop with atmospheric and psychedelic tunes Cockney’s World of Elastic Snakes creates a truly unique sound that sticks.

Upcoming Gigs

Past Gigs

12-06-2016 Surfana Festival, Bloemendaal Aan Zee
23-07-2016 Submarine Festival, Den Haag
04-08-2016 Annie’s Wijsje, Den Haag
28-08-2016 Once Upon a Time In The West Festival, Rotterdam
17-09-2016 Club 3voor12, Paardcafé, Den Haag
22-10-2016 Haagse Pop Nach X FAST Reunion, Paard van Troje, Den Haag
14-04-2017 Hipfest, Scheveningen
05-06-2017 Pluimage Festival, Vlaardingen
16-09-2017 Friends of the Familie & Friends, ‘t Ukien, Kampen
16-10-2017 Haagse Popweek, Zwarte Ruiter, Den Haag
18-10-2017 Scheveningse Pop Dag #JAM, de Maatschappij, Scheveningen
04-01-2018 Release “It Takes Time”, Humanity House, Den Haag
31-03-2018 Opening Stadsstrand De Kade, Alkmaar
21-05-2018 Kannen & Kruiken, Zwolle
13-07-2018 TrashUre Hunt, Scheveningen
12-08-2018 Zandstock, ‘t Zand

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